Where it all started

“From 1959 to 1962, I was the drummer and occasional lead singer of “The Montereys”. Playing mostly instrumental hits of the day, we performed shows and at dances in Ville St Laurent. By the summer of 1963, the band had morphed into a new iteration in which I was the lead singer. When the guitarist (Alistair Lemieux) quit, we replaced him with Bill Hill who had played with my brother’s band The Jesters. Just prior to a show at Lake Louise, our drummer (Danny Gorman) named us “JB and The Playboys” as it didn’t feel right calling ourselves “The Montereys”, which was the name that Alistair had chosen. Bill’s guitar playing fit the band extremely well and we began a friendship and collaboration that lasted for many years. Later that year, as members came and went we assembled the final boys for “JB and The Playboys” with Lou Atkins (bass) Andy Kaye (guitar) and Doug West (drums). The rest as they say is history or at least it’s our history. We were a band that would never settle for less and would give the audiences their everything and then some.”


Montreal group JB and the Playboys released their only album in 1965.